Governance and Leadership

ONES is the acronym of the Ontario Network on Ecosystem Services.


ONES is governed by by-laws, which are modeled upon the requirements of a not-for-profit corporation in Ontario. Click here to read the by-laws.

Membership in ONES

As specified in our by-laws, people and organizations can become members of this network. Click here for more information and to apply.

Board of Directors (and Officers)

As specified in the by-laws, ONES is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors, from which three officers are chosen.  The current members of the board of directors (and officers) are:

  • Eric Miller (Chair)
  • Tatiana Koveshnikova (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Jeff Wilson (Network Manager)
  • Kathy Macpherson
  • Kerry McLaven

Special committees

As specified in the by-laws, the Board of Directors may establish committees that can include network members.